How did you find this money?

We audit the government agency's public records and documents for abandoned funds.

How did you find me?

We use a skip tracing software

How much is the claim for? Where are my funds being held?

Once you have sign our contingency forms you will be immediately informed on how much and where the funds are.

Can't I just look for the funds?

Absolutely, however, it is unlikely you will be able to locate the funds yourself, Our company maintains a comprehensive list of sources to locate these funds.  

How much does it cost me?

There is no out of the pocket expense to you, We work on a contingency basis and we only get paid when your claim is paid out.

How quickly will I receive the money?

 Once we are able to get all the paperwork signed and mailed out it takes about 90 Days or more to go through the process. So time is of the essence when doing a claim. 

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